Math For Grabs - A Simple, Fast-Paced Mathematical Family Game
Use Tetris-shaped markers to claim simple equations.
For two to four players (or solitaire) from ages 8+.

What's in the Box?

Lasercut wooden tiles:

  • 90 number tiles
  • 13 Tetris-shaped acrylic markers
  • game board.

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How To Play

Math For Grabs is a lasercut math game for all ages. Use Tetris-shaped markers to claim mathematical equations and earn points in this dynamic, multi-player word search game. For two to four players (or solitaire) from ages 6+. Lasercut Components: • 90 number tiles, approximately 1-inch square • 13 Tetris-shaped acrylic markers • game board of size 6x 6 inches. GOAL: Find numbers that match equations. Score with the answer. SETUP: Fill the game board with 36 random number tiles. Place the acrylic markers between the players. Scatter the remaining number tiles face up as a draw pile. Randomly flip ten number tiles face down as a reserve pile for future exchange. GAME PLAY: Playing at the same time, players attempt to claim numbers that match mathematical equations. An equation consists of two or more adjacent numbers and a single tile that is the answer for the equation. Three or more numbers an the equation must be used in order. For example if 12,3,2 are selected and the equation is 12x3-4, they must be matched to 30. Using the acrylic markers, highlight the numbers and grab the answer from the draw pile. Keep the answer for scoring. A shape cannot be reused unless the player’s lowest-valued tile is returned to the pile. Then the shape can be immediately played by that player, as long as an equation is made. At least one number beneath the tile must be replaced by one of the numbers from the reserve pile. SCORING: When the reserve pile is depleted, score the players and start over again. Alternative Scoring: If the answer tile is not available, use two numbers that add up to the answer. For example, if your equation is 8 x 3 and 24 is not available, you could grab the 20 and 4 tiles. EQUATIONS: Two or more number tiles on the board can be combined into an equation. The answer to the equation must be found in the draw pile. SOLITAIRE: Grab ten tiles as answer tiles and attempt to form ten equations that match those answers. As each set of numbers is marked with the acrylic tiles, place the answer on to of each acrylic tile.


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