What’s Your Fashion Jewellery Style Personality?

Everyone has a particular personality that reflects our fashion style. It speaks volumes about us to individuals we do not know. Look at this to discover what’s your fashion jewellery style personality


Tradition is an integral part of the existence. You’re mostly around age 40. Your jewellery box includes a couple of timeless classic pieces just like a strand of pearls or perhaps a vintage brooch. You avoid prints and like solids like black, red and white-colored. You put on your timeless classic style and never the opposite way round. You realize when a small amount of gem earrings or perhaps a gemstone bracelet is sufficient to reflect your personality. You want costly products inside your jewellery box which will last lengthy and do not discard them till they’re worn-out. You’re always confident that you’ll look great regardless of the occasion despite the fact that you won’t be the middle of everyone else, something you always avoid. That’s the reason you want playing it safe using these timeless classic fashion jewellery pieces.


Femininity oozes out of your style. You’re hopeless romantic who’s deeply in love with yesteryear. You want you had been born within the Victorian times and fallen for each other for the reason that period of time. Your jewellery box is filled with girlie, pretty and delicate pieces. Floral motifs, butterflies, indicating love such as the heart are the favorite designs. You like putting on, searching at and surrounding yourself with pretty things. Romantic fashion jewellery personalities love pastels to produce a soft and dreamy look.


You’re the Queen Bee from the social circle, the party princess and also the darling of. Your fashion style is determined through the latest trends popular magazines and celebrity styles. You can’t be viewed putting on exactly the same outfit one of the same crowd two times in a nutshell you’re a true fashioniesta. You are prepared to hurt your wallet to get hold of the most recent trend popular jewellery. You’re probably to become under 40 and like to buy everything designer to flaunt “what’s in” among your subjects, because you’re the princess.

Free Spirit

You march towards the beat of your drum. You discover beauty in unique things and follow your heart to convey your look. You develop a pattern which nobody can put on except you. You’ve got a penchant for those things natural making you are feeling near to nature. Bohemian style reflects your personality. You appear gorgeous with only one unique jewellery piece. Your relaxed style comes effortlessly for you. Floral designs and symbols like wild birds illustrate free spirit are the favorites inside your in jewellery box. When you purchase fashion jewellery you should you the jewellery piece is exclusive and talks to your heart. Frequently your jewellery pieces aren’t costly however they reflect your free spirit personality.